The Competence Center for Ambient Assisted Living

The DFKI Competence Center Ambient Assisted Living – CCAAL – is a cross-project and cross-department virtual organization within the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence coordinating and conducting research and development in the area of Ambient Assisted Living – AAL. It joins forces from the departments Cognitive Assistants (COS), Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Agents and Simulated Reality (ASR), Institute for Information Systems (IWI), Augmented Vision (AV), Knowledge Management (KM) and Robotics Innovation Center (RIC) and thus offers competences in a wide range of areas within AAL.  Following a holistic approach to AAL, the driving force for research and development are primarily users of the technology, society and business partners.

Our long-term vision is to promote an accessible intelligent environment beyond today’s state-of-the-art based on standards-based open architectures and innovative solutions where everyone can live a secure and autonomous life and thus play role in society. We do so by combining competences and cutting-edge results and assets from projects running in the participating research departments.

Standardization and Alliances

CCAAL is promoting the use of and contribution to standardization efforts and international alliances and organizations:

  • The OpenURC consortium
  • ISO/IEC 24752 Universal Remote Console – URC
  • ISO Project N442 (in ISO/TC 37/SC 4/ WG 2) Dialogue Acts

 Research Topics

(Home) Care Robotics; eHealth; Ethical Issues; User-Centred Design; Smart House; Architecture; Mobility Support; Telemedicine; Sensor Fusion; Activity Modeling; Social Networks; Semantic Interoperability; Virtual Reality; Dual Reality; Corpus; Accessibility; Intelligent Furnitures.